UAE restaurant, spares food surplus to the needy

As the world face a health crisis, showing empathy and extending helping hands is the best thing we can ever do.

A newly established restaurant in UAE which is managed by Shujath Ali and his wife Ayesha Abrar, had inspired other businesses to utilize their resources to help others.

The married couple was never in doubt on what to do with the leftover food, what they did was, they hand it over to those who can't afford a meal for themselves. An act truly heartwarming.

Coronavirus had made everyone scared for their health. This is also the reason behind every country's declining economy. Several workers loss their jobs while other's decided to stop to protect themselves.

Challenges are indeed tough and makes us feel afraid, but the good thing about it is that, this uncertainty and a feeling of cowardice gives us time to find bravery in ourselves. No one is forever scared, circumstances will trigger us to fight and to never be intimidated anymore. As these challenges became our life's constant, people like Shujath Ali and Ayesha Abrar will keep on reminding us our purpose, to be better and help others be better.

All the love for people with caring hearts.