Defense Against Cyber-attacks, UAE Launches First Quantum Computer!

The United Arab Emirates has announced the development of the country’s first quantum computer, as well as the first post-quantum cryptography (PQC) software library to protect secret data from quantum computer attacks.

Even while user data is secure in the UAE, according to Dr. Najwa Aaraj, chief researcher of the Technology Innovation Institute’s Cryptography Research Centre, any unsecured data could be a target for a determined hacker.

Hackers can exploit quantum computers, which are significantly more powerful than traditional computers, for malevolent purposes. According to the Abu-Dhabi-based researcher, a global tug-of-war between cybersecurity specialists and cybercriminals and hackers is ongoing.

Dr. Najwa stressed that data breaches on social and professional networking sites were major situations because hackers and cybercriminals could use the information to impersonate people and perpetrate fraud, even if part of the information was a few years old.

This ‘quantum danger’ affects organizations all around the world, especially those that use a public key infrastructure. This is why one of the security methods being researched around the world is post-quantum encryption.

The introduction of the first PQC software library, according to Dr. Najwa, has put the UAE in the same category as countries with superior digital data security capabilities.

The PQC library protects private information from quantum computer threats. The PQC software library, developed by international and Emirati researchers at the CRC, covers a wide range of computer architectures and operating systems, and will help Abu Dhabi and the UAE strengthen its cryptography and security capabilities.

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